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The Transition of Holy Spirit Guide in Nigerian Politics

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By Promise Nwankwo

Nigerian politics had been bereft of religious commitment and interest in Christendom other than widespread participation based on persons and individuals for the sake of disfranchisement, love of a particular candidate, relationships and call for support which in most scenarios doesn’t gain the broad support of a Christian denomination let alone the entirety of Christendom.

In most cases in Christendom, political pedagogy is sparingly given on the need for effective participation to enhance the sanctity in all spheres of the electoral exhibition, hence it weighs people down because in some instances it’s seen as unrighteous to participate, which further deteriorate the system, leaving the Biblical injunction “when the righteous rule the people rejoice” unfulfilled.

Though it might sound shocking that sixty per cent of the  Christians don’t have a voters card while the forty per cent that has it, only twenty per cent of them exercise their franchise which undoubtedly leaves the various polling units with voters apathy, it’s obvious that the evolution of the holy spirit is at work, little by little it will spread across and there will be collective overhauling for maximum participation

Spiritual pedagogy and nourishment had been given to the flocks over the years, undoubtedly the growth in numerical and material enrichment is overwhelming that is said to play a leading and dominant role in all trajectories of human endeavours but without political Power to make policies for effective governance and Christendom crucial in actual governance, there is no better time than now that the Holy spirit evolution is taken the lead.


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